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The first issue of Journal of Energy Technology has been published in November 2008. The Journal is designed as a scientific journal in the field of energy and energy technologies. It was founded by University of Maribor, Faculty of Energy Technology.


The magazine is aimed at domestic and foreign professionals, who work in the field of energy and energy technology. With the aim of increasing recognition of journal, published articles are in English, with parallel summaries in Slovenian language. The Journal is published quarterly in print circulation of 150 copies and in electronic form on the www at JET On-line.


The purpose of the magazine is publishing quality scientific and professional contributions in the field of energy and energy technologies, which include new achievements that will have a lasting impact on fundamental and practical aspects of the energy sector. Themes include both traditional, as well as alternative energy areas, which include energy systems, energy technologies, energy operations, energy numerical and analytical methods, energy measurement techniques, energy computer modeling, optimization of energy systems and equipment, energy systems and equipment design, theoretical and experimental research on the energy fields, lab - experimental energy research, energy studies and expertise, ....


Underlined purpose of the Journal is to promote and disseminate expertise in a wide field of energy, in the field of electrical and mechanical energy, nuclear energy and all areas of alternative energy.


The Journal publishes high quality scientific and professional articles of domestic and foreign scientists, as well as professional contributions in the professional field of energy and energy technology. All of the articles are reviewed by at least two recognized foreign or domestic reviewers with the narrower field of article. The journal is intended for global public, so all contributions are in English. The title and summary of each article are translated in Slovenian language. Linguistic proofreading is made by contributors of articles.


The journal is published under the auspices of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Energy Technology, established in Krško, Slovenia. Publishing of the Journal is led by the editorial board with editor in-chief.

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